Results and Demos


During the first year of the project, partners developed a set of showcases (i.e., hardware /software components that demonstrate state-of-the-art technologies available at some partners).

Showcase Responsible Partner Description
BSS + particle filtering FBK Separation of multiple speakers and localization of the sources, based on a distributed microphone network.
SBSS-based AEC FBK Acoustic echo cancellation in a noisy environment based on distributed loudspeakers.
Text understanding FBK Text understanding based on a machine learning approach, including:
- text preprocessing, target identification, frame identification, argument identification
- production of an XML file embedding the text input augmented with frame-semantic information
- related model training
Dialogue mock-up NewAmuser Dialogue management based on a close-talking interaction and on hand-crafted grammar-based understanding.
MEMS-array platform ST Italy Stand-alone system for recording, data transfer to a PC, and processing based on algorithms implemented during the first year.
Distant-talking ASR FBK Speech recognition with microphone arrays under controlled conditions.
ASR in Portuguese INESC-ID Baseline system with close-talking input.
ASR in German TU Graz Baseline system with close-talking input.
Front-end processing  ATHENA-RC-IAMU Techniques performing speech enhancement.



Video Clips

This video shows the Intermediate Prototype released at the end of the second year of the project. The prototype is installed in the ITEA apartment available in Trento, Italy.


This video shows a first prototype of the DIRHA system installed in the ITEA apartment in Trento, Italy. It represents the showcase that FBK developed for the Year 1 review.