Some recent activities on DIRHA dissemination:

  • August 2014: Athena-RC participated (by giving talks on ASR and distant speech recognition and by presenting posters with ongoing research results) in the 1st ISCA Summer School: “2014 Speech Processing Courses in Crete”, held at the University of Crete, in Heraklion, Crete. Also INESC-ID participated.

  • 1-5 September 2014: Athena-RC, FBK, INESC-ID and TUGraz participated in EUSIPCO 2014 and presented papers.

  • A DIRHA-related Special Session has been organized at EUSIPCO 2014: 1-5 September 2014, Lisbon, Portugal.
     - Session Title: Acoustic Scene Analysis in Domestic Environments
     - Special Session Organisers:
         - Alberto Abad, INESC-ID
         - Petros Maragos, NTUA and AthenaRC-IAMU
         - Maurizio Omologo, FBK

Future dissemination activities:

  • DIRHA will be demonstrated by Athena-RC in the “Researchers’ Night 2014”, Demokritos Research Center, Athens, Sep. 2014.

  • TUGraz plans to demonstrate the DIRHA system at a project meeting to an Austrian consortium working on acoustics topics, Sep.2014.

  • TUGraz plans to demonstrate the DIRHA system to the attendees of the Alps-Adria Acoustics Congress, Oct. 2014.

  • INESC-ID plans to participate in Iberspeech’2014, Nov. 2014, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

  • TUGraz will perform recordings of dinner talks in the Antarctica (inside a research station).