Public Data

 The DIRHA English-PHdev Corpus

From 2021, for access to this data set as well as other acoustic material produced during the project, please refer to the instructions reported in the web page of the internal project SpeechTek and in particular in  

or contact Alessio Brutti (e-mail: ) and Marco Matassoni (e-mail: )

Project Brochure

Brochure of the project: Dirha_Brochure_def.pdf


Public Documents

DIRHA Fact Sheet: DIRHA_FactSheet_FINAL.pdf

Year 1 Progress Activity Report (Publishable Summary): DIRHA_Y1_PeriodicActivityReport_1.0_Part2.pdf


Public Deliverables

Deliverable D1.1: User study, analysis of requirements and definition of the application task

Deliverable D1.2: Definition of the evaluation plan

Deliverable D2.2: Definition of the experimental tasks

Deliverable D3.2: Multimicrophone front-end processing - I

Deliverable D4.1: Robustness of distant-speech recognition and speaker identification – development of baseline system

Deliverable D5.1: Design of components for understanding, dialogue management, and feedback to the user

Deliverable D7.1: Project presentation and dissemination plan

Deliverable D9.1: Management plan