Work Package 6: System integration

This work package regards the development of real-time platforms (software and hardware) that will correspond to showcases, intermediate and final prototypes.
The work package has the goals of:

  • design the overall system architecture;
  • select the application development tools, the required components and the related technologies;
  • select standards and data representation for the communication protocols;
  • implement the selected real-time components;
  • realize corresponding showcases;
  • design and connect the appliances to the system through the central unit for home automation;
  • define any other software application tools & standards to be used for developing integrated prototypes during the project.

The following tasks are present in this work-package:

  • T6.1 – MEMS microphone arrays
  • T6.2 – Real-time multi-microphone front-end
  • T6.3 – Real-time ASR components
  • T6.4 – Spoken dialogue management system
  • T6.5 – Real-time intermediate prototype
  • T6.6 – Real-time final prototype


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