Work Package 5: Dialogue management

The objectives of this work package are:

  • to design and compare effective solutions for speech understanding in the domains and scenarios addressed by the DIRHA project;
  • to evolve a multimodal Dialog Manager (DM) already developed as internal project at NAM, named MIA (Multimodal Interaction user Agent) into a Concurrent Dialogue Manager (CDM) able to interact with the other subsystems either related to speech events or to other aspects of the environment (such as the state of the lighting/heating/entertainment appliances of the house);
  • to design the general behaviour of the system (following guidelines coming from WP1) including the design of the specific components associated to dialogue management (i.e., response generation, user profiling);
  • to implement the required modules and the related communication protocols.

The following tasks are present in this work-package:

  • T5.1 – Design and implementation of Speech Understanding
  • T5.2 – Design and implementation of Concurrent Dialogue Management
  • T5.3 – Design and implementation of Response Generation and Feedback to User
  • T5.4 – User Profiling


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