Work Package 3: Multi-microphone front-end

Work package 3 refers to the design and implementation of the multi-microphone front-end processing and to the related basic research studies. The final target is to individuate the most suitable front-end processing system to implement at prototype level. However, WP achievements will also be evaluated in terms of progress with respect to the state-of-the-art in the respective scientific topics, and in the prospected realization of a novel solution based on MEMS microphone arrays.

The following tasks are present in this work-package:

  • T3.1 – MEMS microphone array devices and related processing
  • T3.2 – Acoustic maps and sound source localization
  • T3.3 – Acoustic echo cancellation
  • T3.4 – Multi-channel source enhancement
  • T3.5 – Acoustic event detection and classification


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