Work Package 1: User requirements and system validation

Objectives of this work package are to conduct a user analysis in order to define user requirements and to evaluate the system components and prototypes.
A thorough analysis of the interaction requirements needed to specify the user-system interface is planned during the first part of the project.
Based on it, application scenarios and experimental tasks (under WP2) will be defined.
Evaluation criteria and metrics will be defined according to the best practice in each technical field.
The activities of the work package will have an important impact in the definition of the tasks addressed under WP3, WP4, WP5, and of the functionalities of the prototype that will be realized under WP6.

The following tasks are present in this work-package:

  • T1.1 – User study and analysis of requirements
  • T1.2 – Application scenario and user interface definition
  • T1.3 – Evaluation criteria and metrics
  • T1.4 – Prototype evaluation


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